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From the remnants of a band steeped in a history of traditional Irish folk has emerged a 21st century Rapscallion, a Northamptonshire based band with such diversity that they defy categorization to a single genre.


The Battle for Bickerstaffe CD is the first offering from the current line up and strives to portray the range of styles that the band include in their present set, but only by seeing Rapscallion live will you be able to appreciate the originality and full extent of their songwriting and musical ability.


The one single factor which is common to all their compositions and arrangements is that it inspires you to dance, whether it be a mandolin-led reggae tune or a hard rock guitar-based opus, sooner or later you have to get on your feet.


With the addition of Donald on keyboards the range of styles has without doubt increased  significantly, and the combined individual influences within the band is promising to produce their best work yet as they continue to inspire each other in the composition of new material.



The new Rapscallion mini CD is now available to purchase from this site.


Rapscallion CD - The Battle for Bickerstaffe

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Celtic inspired drinking music




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Rapscallion, fine Northamptonshire Folk Rock

: Celtic inspired drinking music

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